Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Let me in 30

So Much drama happened this past month!I them aimed for a month later just to not keep you guys waiting,But, I truly didn't have time on my schedule! Today was the busiest day of all my days, and I decided to make it busier by writing you this

Dani’s Point of View

I got chills all over my body, I don’t know what they were but they were definitely not butterflies! 

It felt like winter in a hot summer day that’s what it was…

He suddenly started laying back on the sofa and pulling me with him with his hairy arm around my shoulder. We lifted our feet and placed them on the buff right in front of us and we started catching up.

The catching up we never had…

Abdulrahman: b3daain bagolich laish ma we9alny sms mn elbank!

Me: la2ana ma dfa3t 

Abdulrahman: Dani latyaneneeeni cham mara ana el7in agooolich sta5demeeeeh!

He pulled away and looked at me with his furious eyes! 

Problem is I did not commit any crime I kinda didn’t like their chocolates at all! hahaha

Me: khalast zaf? 

I said crossing my arms and looking cute as hell while trying to turn the table right there! and he looked straight back at me with questioning eyes like “khal9eeeni t7achaayy”

Me: enta klaa t3a9eb brou7ik o tetkhayal ashya2 ana maby akalmk goum wela tadry ana ely bagom anam!

I got up and he pulled me back as soon as I was in front of him he pulled me to his lap and wrapped his huge arms around me!

Me: aaaahhh away yuma weldi lay9eeer feeh shay 

Abdulrahman: welddiiii haaa! matgoomin ga3d akalmich 

All this turned into a joyful fight on the sofa with him over me trying to laugh it off!

Me: khalaas khlaas wallah ma dfa3t a9lan their chocolate mo 7lwww…. that’s why ma we9alik sms!

Abdulrahman: mashhaaallah 

Me: eeee wallah…aaa7 shatnii 

I quickly grabbed his wrist and pressed his hand with my other hand over the kick I felt and looked him straight in  the eye with twinkly happy eyes feeling like a real pregnant couple after all

Me: shftt shlon he kicks!

Abdulrahman: shft shfft tadren awal mara a7es eb chethy maknt adry laih hal daraja et7son
Me: 9ijjj

Abdulrahman: ee wallah…. goumay khannam

Me: yallah ana ta3bana too

He got up and pulled me up to my feet, I hugged him tight and said Goodnight and just as I let go 

Abdulrahman: lawsama7tay fe majal anam bfrashna weyach

I looked back at him with an eye-roll but to be honest deep down I did want him to be around me that night!

Abdulrahman: a3teberha 3azeema?

Me: wallah entaaa 3azamt nafsikkk

Abdulrahman: ya3ny afham mn kalamich enaaa matabeeni??

Me: Abdulrahmaaaaaaan

Abdulrahman: khalaas aseffff

He now knows how to keep me smiling and that was what I loved most, we finally started to understand each other

We got ready for bed and each held their own side of the covers and started to pull them down together so we could get in bed. Abdulrahman was faster than I was and so he had extra time to throw some pillows on the room’s couch as well including MY SNAKE pillow! This is my buddy ever since my baby bump got bigger!

Me: laaa hatha maalli 3ashan anaam

Puppy eyes, puppy sad face you name it, I was being a big baby and I loved it!

I started stomping towards it to bring it back to the bed.

Abdulrahman: laaa hdeeeeha! ballah matgolinly ana shfaydety hnee! Enshallah hal mokhada tlemenha wana mno elemny!!!!


Abdulrahman’s Point of View

Ana bs glt chethy Dani 9arat freeze eb mokanha yemkin 10 thwani, gmt mn el frash o r7t mesakt’ha o ybt’ha o  dshat ta7t el kambal wehya sakta o el khdoud zay el amaar mn el msta7a…

Me: lemeeni ana o namayy 9adgeni arya7 mn mokhadetech el khaysaaa… wela ana ghal6aaan??

ana t3amadt at7arash la2anha 7ail sakta a7es 3abalha 7lm ely e9eer el7in fa glt ashofha shtgol

Dani: no klshay tgola enta 9a7

Me: 3abaali b3d

Faqa9t’ha 7ail o shamayt ree7at sha3arha o klshay feha khalani at7asaf 3ala kl klma thaygt’ha feha eb ay youm mn tzawajna la2ana 9ij ma tstahel el zft ely tshofa mny bs ana marat a6la3 mn 6ouri la2ana ehya lail7in mo fahmatni o mo fahma ana shno abe mn hal denya.

in between Abdulrahman’s regrets, when he thought Dani was sound asleep her back to his chest.

Dani: Abdulrahman… tara enta laman shftny weya Sabacha o Dalooya e7na kena 6al3en mn hathak el place la2ana 93dna o shfna shay ma ynge3ed feh o rdayna bas 9adgny ana ma ag3d eb mokan chethy wallah….

Dani bedat tshaheg wehya tshra7ly o ana saket abeha tkaml bs laman 7sayt bl dmou3 ma gdart asket bas ma khalatni mu9era tkaml kalamha

Dani: Abdulrahmaan…ana ma7ib enk tz3al 3alay eb shay ma sawayta ana a9lan b7ayaty ma r7t aw g3dt ma63am feh chethy 3ashan chethy tethaygt mnnk ena 3abalik arou7 hal amakin…

Lamaayt’ha 7ail, mo la2ani kent shak enha msawya eshay ely kan ebali la2. 
La2anha raye7at thameeri knt me7taj asma3 eshay mnha o maknt abe as2al, mo mn 3awaydi as2al.

Me: 6oul ma enich mrty o om weldy entay mo mz3ltny ya Dania, hal dmou3 ghalya 3alay maby ashofhom sema3tay

I slowly wiped her tears in the dark and It was damn hard to not hit other parts of her pretty face accidentally but I aced it!

Dani: Abdulrahman

Me: 3youni

Dani: tara enta feek enfe9am



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