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Let me in 29

Hey Anonymous Virgo born September 12th
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Hessa… his older sister is younger than him but she’s a married  27 year old and let’s say she thinks she’s stuck at 21 her hubby is in a way different world. I don’t quite understand her stares she hates me (PERIOD).

Shayoukha: sharaytay furniture for il room? 

Me: eee 6alabt mn Pottery Barn Kids shay white you9al hal sbou3 

Aunty Hana: eee yuma zain tsawon tara laih 9arat el9jiya malich khlg 7ata etesab7ain

Me: waay la khalty latgoolin 3ad ana khayfa 7adi

Aunty Hana: g3day nfaasich 3ndy shrayech?? 

That was soo cute of her! But Hessa would kill me and my baby so here goes another white lie!!! 

Me: way khalty yarayt bs 3amty gayla btyeena ilbayt o Noufa wed’ha tjareb feeni…elyayaat enshallah 3ndch wa3ad! Bas 7ayach klyoum zouureeni shayoukha tyebich 

Aunty Hana: 7asafaaaa enshallah ilyaay 3ndy 3yl eee akeed o in walaht bayee brou7y man6erha!

I got up and hugged her slowly "يا حلوِج خالتي الله لا يحرمنا منج"

I caught Abdulrahman starring and smiling as soon as he saw me watching his facial expressions changed and mine well I smiled with teeth!

I was too excited for tomorrow’s baby reveal with the girls and Noufa I think they invited Shayoukha too because she slipped out a couple of times! Haha 

Me: Yala khalty ana asta2thin maw3di garab m3a ma7al il kakaw 7ag el esteqbal enshallah

I got up to kiss her as Shayoukha said

Shayoukha: Abdulrahman btrou7??

And just before he could furiously reply since he had NO IDEA I had tasting appointments…

Me: laaa bas ana shrayech tyeen?? Abdulrahman mayy7b kakaw shfeech gomay badlay 3ala ma ayeeb mfta7y nsayta foug 

Abdulrahman smiled shakla yazatla il targee3a

Shayoukha: eeee 9a7 yallah 5 mins o algach bara

I power walked up stairs hoping he doesn't follow me because he’d kill me.

I was safe up the stairs and into our apartment just as I was locking my master-bedroom and turned to walk out he was standing by the door. He FREAKED ME OUT! Again!

Me: Bsmellaaaah

Abdulrahman: allah y7afthich hadayy…bs yeet a36eech carty la2ana m9a5teha bl cart malich

Did I mention I didn’t use the card he gave me for shopping well for everything I just used my own 

Me: ma7taja 

I blurted as I looked down aiming for the door.

He quickly fiddled with his pockets and pulled the card out stretching his arm for me to take it
Abdulrahman: ana masta2thantich ta5thina ana ga3d a2merich

I didn’t want to make a huge fuss so I just took it, it was a tasting anyways and I might not pay and make the order today! 

I gently held the card from the other side as he let go and thanked him as I walked out and slowly down the stairs.

Minutes later Shayoukha was in my Range Rover and off we went for our tasting. We came back 2 hours later and Abdulrahman wasn’t home. 

However, I found the cake in the fridge! And started brainstorming ideas in my head for how I was going to wake him for it or whether I should stay up to do that… Mmmmm

I got my silver cake knife and added a white bow to it and placed it on our tea table with 2 plates and the cake waiting patiently for prince charming to make his appearance

I wore my boyfriend jeans because they were the only non-maternity jeans that can go through with a plain black cropped shirt.

I crossed my legs and started watching Fuller House on Netflix!

Two hours later, he came in wearing jeans! And a plain space grey shirt!

Abdulrahman: alsalaam

Me: w3alaikom esallam!

He walked straight to his room and just as he was going to enter

Me: Abdulrahmaan

He stopped and didn’t look back 

Abdulrahman: na3am 

Me: t3al shway

He came over and joined me on the couch not too close but close enough he had his hands between his knees and head tilted down.

I was holding my silver knife with its cute bow 

Me: ge9 ma3ay elcake khan3arf shno elbaby 

7ady chathaba I already know, but I wanted to be cute!

Abdulrahman: klshay mn Allah 7yah Allah

And just as he got up to walk away I stretched my arm and held his hand! 

Me: Abdulrahmaaan! 

He gave up and sat back down with my hand still holding on to his I pointed the cake knife at him and started with my drama! 

Me: shouuuf 3ad *points cake knife to his face* anaaa ma t3abt o sawayt kel hatha 3ashan tadgerni faaahem? Yaalaa ashof emsik! *puts his right hand over my right hand* yalaa gi9 weyaaay!! *as we were cutting the cake I started whining* wallaaah hathaa eli naagi9

Abdulrahman’s point of view 

Wallah shakelha wehya tzf kan wayed etha7ik bas kether ma agdar masek tha7kety 3ashan ma tatfel eb wayhy mn elsha6a ksarat 5a6ry shlon nfajrat 3ala cake bas e9ara7aaa knt mayet abe a3arf la2ana elkalba m3amlatni mo3amalat sayeq macheni obo ely eba6nhaa….

Dani: yeeb el9a7an 

Madayt laha el 9a7an o 76at el g63a ely ga9ainaha chan namsk el 9a7an athnaina o nlefa 3ashan enshof elouun ely dakhl… o la eradeyan lafaina shfna ba3ath o ebtesamna 

Me: enshallah yshbahni 

Ya kelma rday mokanich, 79altly aqwa buks o 6anager mn yed o ydeeed.

Dani: hathaa eli nag9 ana asheela 9 months o yshbehek yawaaila 

Me: sh7alaty laish ma yshbahni

Dani: o ana shfeeeeni 

Me: قمر و ربي

Ma we3ayt ela ras’ha zain ma ybous el arth.

Dani’s point of view

OMG What the heck I started blushing like crazy 

Abdulrahman: hatha e9ij wain el قمر wareeni eyah

I couldn’t lift up my head it was too HEAVY! He held my chin and turned my head to face him and lifted up my chin lightly I didn’t know he could be this gentle if he wanted to!

He kissed my forehead and buried my head so close to his heart and I couldn’t not hug his torso, I held it tightly.

And heard him whisper 

Abdulrahman: walaht o raby…

p.s. I wrote this in less than 30 mins
and I know it's short!


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