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Let me in 28

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The second night, I was finally discharged Khalty Hana was there with Shayoukha and 3amy Ahmad before Abdulrahman signed the papers and we all left together I had my medicine bag and the rest of my stuff were either with Abdulrahman or Shaikha!

Aunty Hana: yallah yuma shway shway 3al 6reej nshofkom bl bayt

I went over and kissed her forehead and I couldn’t reach his dad’s so I just pecked his cheek and Shayoukha hugged me and waved goodbye to join her parents!

Abdulrahman’s Point of View 

Rkabna esayara o ehya sakta maska chees el adweya chenha maska jan6at 6al3a…tha7katni.
Tawny yay bshaghl ay shay wela asma3ha tgol du3a2 el rkob fa ga9art o n6art tkhalis o glta ma3aha bgalby! 


Dania: Abdulrahmaan

Lafayt 3alaiha 5are3atny abeha tgol shfeha

Dania: Mobiley ma ybta nsayta *3younha tgol wallah asfa lat39b*

Me: m3aay Shaikha 36atni eyah tabena?

Dania: way 7abeebty la khala lain nou9al mo muhem

Me: mmmmm

Dania: bs knt bshof ena ybnah mn el mostashfa 

Me: mmmm

Dania’s Point of View

Why Mmm I hate people that “Mmm” back like I made an effort and I used more than one letter why can’t you?? Huh!

As soon as we parked in the driveway his parents and Shaikha were literally behind us so I asked Shaikha to come in as well and well her mom insisted we should rest but I made Shaikha come anyways because her awkward brother wasn’t planning on keeping me company :) 

We settled and I put some of the clothes in the washer while Shayoukha made some popcorn nothing microwaved because Abdulrahman “said so” 

Shaikha: ba76 Jane the Virgin ok?

Me: eeee a7ba *shouting back from the laundry area*

We started watching and Abdulrahman was on his laptop doing good knows what in MY room so Shayoukha doesn’t notice the separation thing. Halfway through the first episode …

Abdulrahman: Danii

I got up shocked at the “Dani” and scarred as well not knowing what’s coming after it.

I walked over to MY side of the bed and stood there waiting…

Me: n3amm
Abdulrahman: mobilich kan ehez *he handed it over* 

Seriously was that it, 3abaly 3nda salfa

I immediately read the first messages that showed on the screen, 

Danii gender reveal cakes are ordered delivery in two days okay be ready😌

I smiled, replied, and sat back with Shaikha and closed the master bedrooms door, Me and Shaikha ended up watching 3 episodes and as she left I turned off the lights and walked into the bedroom totally forgetting about the husband.

As soon as I walked in I saw him sleeping and he looked so comfortable I didn’t want to wake him so I went to sleep in his room, I fixed it too since I wasn’t there for two days to do that…

Abdulrahman’s Point of View

Shaikha 6awelat’ha allah yahdeeha o ana naw3an ma abeha mn allah bashof Dania shbetsawy etha shafatni nayem o t3amadt anam eb mokanha o awal ma 9kat elbab ana 6fayt elait o nmt!

Gmt el9b7 o 3ala 6oul lafayt yamy adawrha bas ma legayt’ha chan a6la3 el9ala wela klshay mtratib o mako a7ad, 3gb glt ashof ymkin sawatly reyoug bas ham mako shay! 

Ma3qola ra7at tnam 3nd Shayoukh o ma galatly!!! tnarfaazt la2ana ely kan ebali ma9ar 

Ba6alt bab daary eb dfasha mn kether ma mitnarfzzz o mnqaath 

Laih darajat ena elmaskena ngezat mn noumhaa mn el 5ar3a o wayeha shway o yabchy

Dania’s Point Of View 

My heart literally jumped, I WAS FREAKED and my baby was too I didn’t know what to hold my own heart or that baby in my belly! 

I literally had tears in my eyes because this entrance was one I’d see in Action&Crime movies not in a couples apartment!

I was breathing heavily wearing Abdulrahman’s Calvin Klein Pj shirt that I’ve found hung on the hooks and it had his smell all over it and I’ve missed him so much.

I quickly  got up flicked the covers back like no one ever slept on them in 10 seconds, and he stood there by the door still starring and shocked at what he has done. I picked up my clothes from the hook by the door with my hair naturally down and ONLY Abdulrahman’s shirt on trying to leave his room.

I stood in front of him trying to pass-by as he stood there just tracking my existence he didn’t move one bit even when I got really close.

I looked up to see him starring into my watery eyes  

Me: pleaase 

He knew what I wanted so I skipped explaining and just asked politely 

He moved one step back it was so tight one inch away of bumping into him, he made a bridge over my head with his long arms as he took that step back.
As I was walking out he slid his bridge arm back down blocking me and gently holding me by the belly. 

I was about to die I’ve forgotten how to be normal with romance and my cheeks started burning.

I looked up into his eyes with my questioning eyes, as he finally let out

Abdulrahman: aseff

I looked away and gently held his hand to put it back to his side and walked out

Abdulrahman’s Point of View 

Karaht 3omry malyon ena fazazt’ha mn noumha chethy o wath7 ena fashalt’ha 

Gtlaha asef o maradat o thayegat khlgy zyada

Glt abadl wanzl 3nd ahaly 

I showered and wore training pants with a Nike shirt as soon as I left my room I caught a glimpse of Dani on the couch covered in a throw…

I walked closer to her and held her shoulder lucky as hell she’s so thin I can guess where it was even from under a throw! 

She immediately turned to face me

As soon as I saw her face filled with tears I sat on the floor so I could be in the same eye level as her and slowly wiped her tears with my thumbs as her lashes brushed my hands.

N6art’ha tahdi chan abdy aklmha

Abdulrahman: golily shtabeni asawy Dania latga63en galby

I waited for something to escape those seducing lips of hers but she was starring at me as if I made no sense whatsoever!

I kept starring at her eyes as she suddenly dozed off to sleep I ran my hands slowly over her head and stood up to see what was for breakfast.

Abdulrahman: 9baa7 elkhair 

Parents: 9baa7 elnourr

I kissed their foreheads and sat at the table, little bit of politics with a side note of baby tips and another of taking care of the wifey.

Hana (Mother) : yuma wainhee Dania chna 6awlat akhaf feha shay

Abdulrahman: khaleeha tnam mo nayma cham youm maskena etha gamat akeed tdg

El3moom g3ad o nzal o 9ar elwath3 zwara fa glt ashof wainhe

Dania’s Point of View

I woke up and sat up straight checking my phone with the throw covering my thighs and legs.

The apartment door opened gently I turned my head back to see who it was then looked back to flip through some instagram baby stuff

Abdulrahman: 9ba7 elkhair

Me: 9ba7 elnour

He shut the door and came and sat by me so I locked my phone just to show that i’m brought up to being a respectful woman, nothing more nothing less.

Abdulrahman: klhom ta7at ys2lon 3nch btaklen weyahom wela la2

Me: madry

Abdulrahman: laish 7garteni elyoum 

Me: meta

Abdulrahman: laman t2asaft

Me: la2ana fe wayed ashya2 lazm tet2asafly mnha o enta ma 7adadt hathy 7ag ay mawqef fehom

Abdulrahman was shocked and I honestly felt like laughing but I held it and he did too I was too baby dramatic blaming it on those hormones…

Abdulrahman: golily khal a3arf

I sat up crossed my legs, and as I did my underwear showed and he looked straight down at my legs as I didn’t notice I still only had his Shirt on! And I turned my body to face him.

He threw the blanket on my lap then shot me with that expression like now “Go Ahead!”

Me: Ne6artik ayaam 3ashan tye tgoly shno mushkeltik m3ay, aw bl a7ra ma khalaytni atkalam wala 36aytni fur9a at7acha… may9eer tiyeely el7in la2ana kesart 5a6rik eny nmt bl mustashfa o enta mo mawjod 7ata twadeni el6abeeb wala yeet ela laman derayt ena khalty o 3amy o shayoukha yayeen last day hnee entaa yeet? Abdulrahman arid a3eed ma7b a7ad yenjeber feni tara ana t3abt knt ebayt bain nas t7bny o t3zny o ma nazeloly dmou3 ela 7ag ma9la7ty 

When I remembered my parents my warm tears were already streaming down my face

Me: may9eer chethy Abdulrahman ana ma terabayyt hal tarbeya ely maten3af 3ashan tye tshek feni o t7asisny eni baiza ma aswa mn el9adma ana lsani nreba6, bas yallah etha hathy el7ayat ely tetmanaha ana ba3teberha dars ley wel tamtheel kela 3ashan ely eba6ny o 3ashan ahalik ely 7a6oni foug ras’hom 

Abdulrahman was listening quietly word by word but I quickly stood up and stormed into my room leaving him there, I showered got dressed did my hair and walked out as if I were a totally different person.

I wore a long shirt dress in white with my Gucci Princeton’s in the bird print and Simon Miller Bonsai in Green, very natural makeup and styled my hair down with a clip holding the ends of my twisted strands! 

When I walked out Abdulrahman’s eyes were all over me I felt his stares I grabbed our door knob twisted it and walked out as he quickly walked behind me, did I mention the extra dose of perfume I used on me?

As I walked in they all got up for hugs and kisses!

Aunty Hana: yazeenich allah ya7fethkom

Me: ya7lwich khalty allah ekhaleech lina 

We sat and I literally sat side by side near Abdulrahman and I would keep asking him if he wanted to eat or drink anything and he shrugged his shoulders every time. 

Oh man If I were you I’d use all the chances I’m getting from this cause It won’t last long…

Shayoukha: Daniii shno shraytay 7ag el baby?? Etha bga shay bayee weyach please!

Me: bacher ra7 a3arf etha boy or girl! * White lies dont hurt right?* 

Shayoukha: mn next week ra7 nrou7 jad meshta6a!

Me: Hehehe eee akeed enshallah!

Abdulrahman was waiting for an invite but he didn’t get one and he was so stiff literally dying I can feel the tense.

And well Abdulrahman’s older sister let’s say “"ما يعجبها العجب 


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