Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Let me in 32

Dedicated to the only awake reader at this hour Noura!


Abdulrahman: lazm t3rfen shay Dania, ana knt agool enas shlon 3ndaha e7sas ana ma7s bshay bs youm 36aytich el tercheya bl3rs a7es the3t eb 3ainich o youmha magdart anam abe a3arf mno entay magdart ou9al mn wala mokan o glt bs yerja3 m3resna mn shahar el3asal ana lazm akalma aw akalm oma tkalm zoujta!!

Me: ambaih o ana wainy ma 7sayt eb shay!

Abdulrahman: 3adeemat e7sas shasawi feech… la bas kntay metwatra athker hal youm 3dl 

Many of the questions I had in mind were answered today, or maybe during that moment of truth we had going on. I was in utter shock but it was the kind that I wanted to know about so I was completely fine and I kept on listening waiting to hear more.  

Abdulrahman: ya3ny ana mo awal mara a7osh eed bnt blghala6 bs laman 7sht eedich o ana a36eech el tarachy kan shay ghair ma 7sayta b7yaty

Me: tercheyat omy hathy ely oboy yablaha eyaha eb akher Anniversary, 3ashan chethy ana knt khayfa eni thaya3t’ha, o ana knt student 3ndk bs marfa3t 3aini 7ata mathker wayh el 3a6ani eyaha maknt adry it was you! gtly awareek elthanya o I did!

Abdulrahman: Mmm…adry adry ana knt a5ezech o entay madry wain t6al3een ba6aytay chabd chabdy 

Me: ahahahhaha

Abdulrahman: gomay gomay khandg 3alaihom e9a3don lena reyoug! ana wa7ed feni yahel eba6na laih yaa3 may3aref ely jdamaa!! hal mawthou3 yabeela gahwaa a9lan!

Me: weee ya 7asrety khal an7aash

I said as I got up and went to my toilet…then it hit me, isn’t it rude for us to ask for breakfast upstairs and my in-laws are literally down!

I peeked back in the room as he was calling

Me: Abdulrahmaaaan!! golihom ezedon lena 97oon nakl ta7at 3aaib eyebon lena akl

Abdulrahman: halaa yumaa 9ba7 enourr…. (he gave me a thumbs up and continued on with his phone call)

I went back in to get ready, I had a quick body shower and ThankGod for my underwear closet in the bathroom idea, I quickly curled my ends, apllied waterline eyeliner and natural one coat of mascara and last but not least my Kiehl’s tinted lip balm, and last but not least grabbed my lounge robe off the hook and came out.

Abdulrahman had his eyes at me as soon as I opened the door, and he smirked and I KNEW WHY!

Me: shno ely etha7ik

Abdulrahman: wallah na6rech t6l3een kha6ry ashof el karsh bl underwear…


I said as I walked to the closet and left him there sitting on the side of the bed

Abdulrahman: maashi ya Dani, tadren ana klshay akhtha bas el7in mo mzajii la2ani yu3an

Me: (I mimicking him as I went through the hangers searching for the perfect dress)

He went in our toilet and I’m assuming he saw that I have his favourite shampoo and body wash  with a new toothbrush and toothpaste, and of course a bathroom with his name on which I got for us before our wedding day. The only thing he didn’t find was probably his underwear…

So I quickly rushed to his room and got his a pair of socks, undies and an outfit for today and came back to fix the bed and put them on there ready for when he comes out!

Wifey work is hard!!

I grabbed my phone to check my notifications as I got one from my “What to expect when you’re expecting” application 

24 Weeks Pregnant
Your baby is the size of an ear of corn. Your baby's facial features are really filling out…and your belly button may be really popping out!

I automatically smiled and started reading more into it with my robe still on and an outfit on my mind! 

I was halfway through it when I heard the shower stop and I quickly locked the phone and got up to change, I walked back to the closet as Abdulrahman walked out with his bathrobe on and came to hug me by placing his large arms on my baby bump and kissing my neck. 

I was getting tickles so I tried moving my face to the side he was kissing and he ended up kissing my lips…

Abdulrahman: mayit you3 
He said as he gave my belly a last rub and went back to the bed to change…

Was that a thankyou for everything? or a thankyou for having ready bathroom necessities for him? 
I couldn’t care-less because either way I loved it!

I changed into my 7 For All Mankind jeans and took out a white shirt with rolled up sleeves and wore my white Chanel sneakers!

If you were wondering, I wore the jeans first then took off my robe *eye roll* sorry Abdulrahman!

Abdulrahman was casual too, that’s why I went with that look! 

He went to my Vanity trying to find a perfume he good wear, but I got to him before he could spray anything on!

Me: laa please use this one!!

I quickly grabbed on to the Dior Sauvage as it was my favourite mens perfume and grabbed Thameen from his hand!

Abdulrahman: ya3ny tadreeen malty mkhalsaa laish moo 7a6atly hathy bedalhaa!

Me: hathy maltyyy please ya3ny mara7 a36eeek eyahaaa!!

Abdulrahman: wallah shaklich tsab7een feeha el mkhadaa o tlemeenha belail ya3ny anaa

I punched his shoulders and walked away! Because well… he kinda caught me!

I placed the perfume quickly and grabbed my wrist!

Abdulrahman: ta3alaaay… wallah wallah enich t7beeni kether ma a7ebech o met2aked malyooon 

 I started blushing like crazy, my cheeks were literally burning and I felt hotter than ever…

He pulled me in for a hug and we walked to the door together and down the stairs we go!

Abdulrahman was super cute and nice at breakfast! He would literally do everything.

He opened the door, pulled the chair, poured some water, tea and served me breakfast.

And he never looked happier…


Did I mention he wouldn’t let me leave his side? 

And Just as we were in the living room Shayoukha came storming down the stairs too excited we were all looking at her with questioning eyes but she was just happy and no one knew why!

Shayoukha: shnoo elghadaa?

Abdulrahman: bsmellaah tawna metraygeen entay shfeech!
Shayoukha: enzain ana abe machbous bagool 7ag e6aba5 tara 

Aunty Hana: golay yuma golaay

She skipped to the kitchen and came back with her excitement with a side of gossip!

And 30 mins water the doorbell rang and she got up to see who it was… 

Khalty Hana: haww mn yaynaa hal 7azaa

Shayoukha sprung the door open and there was Wahaby, Abdulrahman’s younger brother!

We all got up to greet him since we haven’t seen him since his last visit, he shook hands with me and hugged everyone else!

He studies abroad and I’ve seen him like 5 times in total! Wahaby comes after Hessa and Before Shayoukha and he is 2 years younger than me!

Abdulrahman: entaa akeeed ray7 tadres? wallaah ana maknt arjaa3 3ala ayamii bs entaa el9ara7a nghameth nfate7 nlageeek mashallaah momga9ir!

I pinched Abdulrahman as I felt زودها جدام امه و ابوه 

Abdulrahman’s Point of View

Dani elkalba 36aatni gar9a khafeeefa la2ani zalaght eb Wahaby o matabeeh ynzaaf! Kalba!

I grabbed her guilty arm and held it smoothly to show her that I felt that و بإختصار انا اعلمج

G3adna ma3a ahaly lain yat Hessa o raylha salamna 3alaihom o ana o Dania gmna, feeni 6al3a gabl ghada el ahal!

Me: yalaah e7na masheen o nyeekom 3al ghadaa enshallah 

3amy Ahmad: allah ya7fethkom yuba late2akheron

Me: enshallah!

We waved to meshaina!

Dani: waain bnroo7 I need my wallet o bag

Me: mala da3y bs bnroo7 cham ma7aal

Dani: mmm ok 

wathe7 ena Dani mataby t9eer d3la wetkharib eljaw la2ana ana adry mat7b t6la3 bs eb Mobile!!

I was making my way to Mayar, Shayoukha mthab6atni gaylatly ako ma7alat yahal hnak fa glt nro7 nshoof!

Dani’s Point of View

It was mid December and it was cold but the sun was there so it was a bit warm. 

Then Abdulaziz AlThuwaihi’s music filled the air and he became my favourite ever since I was married to this babyy daddy of mine, because all he loves is him.

Me: shetfakir feeh 

I said as I lowered the volume.

Abdulrahman: afakir eb 7ayaty shlon teghayerat 180 daraja mn shftich…

I placed my finger on the S Class’s volume roller and increased it again, because I was getting too shy and there was no place to hide!

Abdulrahman paused the song!

Abdulrahman: laaih meta eb teste7eeen ana ba3aarif! 

We were at the traffic light as he turned to see my blushyy face…

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