Sunday, October 7, 2018

Let me in 33

It's been months! I know, but here you go...

I quickly covered my face with both hands and started giggling!

Abdulrahman was trying to gently pull down my left arm…

Me: Abdulrahmaan wallaaah mobkaiify yarabyy

Abdulrahman: khalas ana bafaserha bkaify… laihh ghazelek mn 7abik ste7ayt

I quickly removed my hands and turned my seating position to face him!

Me: mn wain yayeb hal quote? كاظم الساهر

Abdulrahman: la wallah من عبدالرحمن العاشق عرفتيه…

Me: kaaalbbb cute t3aarf tghazel

Abdulrahman: na3aaam!

I truly did not realise what I said, I’ve never cursed with him before I’ve always been the perfect Girl, maybe because he seemed professional with me and I didn’t every showed the crazy side I used with my Friends!

Me: agolik cute t3arf tghaazl

7sayta ze3al o gam eshof bara esayara akthar mn dakhl “me”

Abdulrahman: la gltay shay thani o ma7b hal kalmat 3ala lsanich

I quickly grabbed him biceps withboth my hands and squeezed them tight!

Me: Walaaaah mo qasdi khaani elta3beer sorrry

I quickly kissed the tiny space between my hands on his biceps and said sorry!

Then he turned back to see me and burst into laughter!

Abdulrahman: yazeeeen ely gam ekhaf mn za3aaaliii… atghashmar a7la mn sabni bldenyaa

Me: ambaaaih kaaalb!!

I sat back and crossed my arms in my seat, and quickly grabbed his Dior glasses and wore them!

He grabbed my thighs and squeezed them

Abdulrahman: wallaah stanast enich sabayteeni 7sayt 6aa7at el meyana!

I ignored

Abdulrahman: 6al3eeeni! bashofichh

I shrugged my shoulders… indicating a no!

Abdulrahman: mashii yal kalbaa awareeeech!

I smiled deep down and decided to play it my way, we reached Mayar he parked and we got down I kept my glasses on, well actually his…

Soo many of Abdulrahman’s students were starring the guys said Hi and the girls gave giggles and weird smiles.

Abdulrahman: shoufeeni wana mkassir eldenya mo3jabeeeni wayed

I didn’t even look but I did roll my eyes and he couldn't see them from under those glasses!

We checked out all the baby stores there and we picked what we needed, looks like my man has been doing some research with baby strollers!

I was being normal there… 

Abdulrahman: Dani shofay hathy khoush 3arabana tdsh e6ayara 3ashan laih safar weya oboh business trip 

Me: khair enshallah allah wyak

Abdulrahman: excuse me I want this in black!

Cashier lady: ok siirr 

Me: No we want it in beige

I gave him that stare.

Ofcourse we got the colour I picked I do love black and wear it all the time but my baby needs colours and life.

The way back home was quite on my side however on Abdulrahman’s? He was singing loudly and his vocals were hell and he was trying to annoy me and well he did!

As soon as we arrived we got to the side door and up we went for a quick nap before lunch and I was soo hungry craving that MACHBOUS that Shayoukha asked the cook to make!

Abdulrahman carried the heavy boxes and I carried the lighter items!

I went to our baby’s room and car on the nursing chair and placed my foot on the foot stool, having this quick fast-forward trying to imagine life with him being right there!

But Abdulrahman came in to break my thoughts, he walked over and sat on the foot stool and placed my foot on his lap and he massaged it as he starred into my eyes!

And I starred back! 

Me: wakhr 3ani ilyoum inta sakheef o mat3arf etkaml youm 7lo 3ala khair mabee ashof wayhik

I got up and walked out of the baby’s room and back to the living room, I laid down and turned on the TV to watch Friends on Netflix!

An hour later the intercom was beeping and it was the call for lunch!

I got up and changed into a dress and came back out to see Abdulrahman smirking and I truly thought “wtf is wrong with this guy”….
Abdulrahman’s Point of View 

My hormonal baby mama was messing with me today and I have a mini prank that will for sure come through…

We walked down the stairs and I was in the lead, she wore a really cute white dress/top, It seemed short but I loved how she styled it and I wasn’t in the mood to mess with her because I have a planned mess coming in a bit…

We walked in and I walked straight to the table and she followed a few steps later, as soon as we sat…

Dania’s Point of View

Khalty Hana: yalaa yumaa samaw! Abdulrahman enchib 7ag Dania Machbous mat6oola!

Abdulrahman: Laaa yuma Dania maklaa mataby 3aish taby sala6a bs 

I stepped on his foot from under the table and pressed on it hard!



Me: ee ana makla shayoukha please salad!

I gave her my plate and all I got for lunch was greens!

On the other hand Abdulrahman was eating with his hand using every single pickle and hot sauce brand that I would use with my machbous!

I definitely did not expect that from him but he aced it! 

As soon as we finished from lunch we walked back to the living room for some catching up with Wahaby!

He had soo much to talk about that I eventually ended up getting a migraine! LOL

ThankGod Abdulrahman realised that I wasn’t comfortable especially that I was dying from hunger and my tummy started making noises that only him could hear! So we got excused and walked out from the gathering, I stormed up the stairs and he followed me laughing!

Abdulrahman’s Point of view

I would never be that mean and not ask for extra Machbous leftover for upstairs… but she doesn’t know! I only wanted to give her a taste of my medicine :)

Me: 7ayatyy you3annaa?

I laughed as we were walking up the stairs

Dani: mani rada 3alaikkk

As soon as she walked into the apartment she saw the Machbous on the tea table she turned around and waited for me to reach her
Me: mosta7eel shay yg3ad eb kha6rch ya Daniiii

I held her tummy then her face and showered her with warm kisses that ended up with a rocking romantic hug… which was interrupted with her tummy and the noises it was making from hunger!

I giggled

Me: elyou3 kafirrr

I quickly picked her up! 

My hands under her upper thigh with a pick lift and a slight push... and she gasped in surprise!

Dani: 7amaaniii 

She held tight frightened from the sudden move

Me: latkhafeeeen maskech!

I walked over to the couch were the food was set and ready for her to eat with her favourite pickles and hot sauce!

She sat there and I was laying there beside her as she started mixing her weird yet amazing mix…

Me: Danii abe lgmaa a7s mixy ma kan thab6 3al ghada

She brought the spoon all over to my mouth and made me sit up with a stare and one hand holding the spoon and the other under it avoiding spills! and it made its way into my mouth

Dani: haa shloonha?

Me: salfaat enich lagamteeni 7allaaat el6a3aaam malyon! bouseeeni bsr3aa!

Dani was in full shock, I’ve never asked for kissed during meals…