Sunday, February 26, 2017

Let me in 25

After infinite writing breaks, I guess I'm back with something

- Madliar

That day came! Dalya's Birthday...

Sabacha had ordered the cake to be delivered at my house and she was picking me up then we would head over to Dalooya's and off we go to find The Roof! Have dinner eat our cake cruise and mess around that was literally it. Me and my friends planned to have closed group Birthdays we tend to enjoy them more since we don't "click" with each others separate "cliques".

I tried to look as cute as possible with my hairband and as I popped in Sabacha's Car...

Sabacha: 3shtaw hairband qaseb ana cute prego

Me: mumkin tsogin wentay sakta

And I increased the volume of the music just to piss her off because I actually hate being loud now that im experiencing hormonal breakdowns!

In between my joy of singing along with my new favourite song she turned it off and I eagerly looked at her hoping she had a good reason

Sabacha: Aloo Dalooy nzlayy e7na bara

Me: faj2aa! Enshallah tgoolin

Sabacha: sktay sktay wain el scarf??

I covered my mouth in shock

Me: ambaaaaih nesaytaaa

Sabacha: entay a7ad y3tmd 3alaich balaaah sh'hal baby ely enasy

Me: 7aaaadch 3ala bnty raja2an

Sabacha: zain yabatly Helen el cake wela chan nasyat'ha 7alaya shaklich yebay el hairband mako cute elyoum

I bit my lip and had no other choice but ruin my look and just pass it down either way she wouldve forcefully pulled it off of my head! Better be safe than sorry I guess!

We hopped out of the car hugged her in the most clumsiest way possible and roughly covered her eyes and sat her in the front seat.

Did I ever mention that Daloya is so impatient? Well she is!

The side breaks weren't down yet and she started with her questions...

Daloya: enzain wainn? Adel el mokaan? R7nalaa awal? Ana a7baa?

Sabacha: mumkin chub? La2ana mara7 ngoooool OKK??

She freaked the hell outaa me with what she replied and I died laughing at Daloya's calm face for the rest of the ride! Then Sabacha started pinching her arm!

Daloya: ayyy mno garaa9ni!

Sabacha: mo ana ga3da asoug
All that happened and I was busy texting Abdulrahman that we're going to celebrate Daloya's at a restaurant, and suddenly I get that hurtful pinch on my thigh and thats when the fighting began... she was blind folded and harmful!

Sabacha: wesaalnaa *claps happily*

We got down with me carrying the cake and Sabacha helping Daloya up the stairs and we walked to "The Roof" it had a nice outdoor area and we sat at a table outside then I realised I had to take the cake to their kitchen!

So I picked the cake up gesturing with my hand to Sabacha to keep the monkey busy till I get back, but as I entered the cafe I was in deeeeep shock!

At how the place looked, the tables inside had very thin threads hanging from the ceiling to the floor and they were RED with red lounging sofas that weren't appropriate for such cafe! It simply looked like a CLUB to me because one of the tables had 3 men with weird blondies surrounding them! It wasn't a place I ever wanted to be at. So I turned back to the door which was right behind me since I couldn't even take one step as I entered the Shisha Club Bar Hahah! This is what it looked like to me!

I walked back to the table with our cake and told Daloya we had a secret we had to tell each other so we moved back to share it! While we talked weirder helped entered the cafe and it felt insecure being around such people

Me *whisper* : ambaihh elwath3 Shisha dakhl Sabooch mosta7el lazm n6la3!!! Rou7ay shoufay o latgolin balaght!!!!

She read my shocked face and didn't question me, she walked away and into the indoor place and came back with a half pale face half mad as hell

Sabacha: saraainaaaa

I got hold of Daloya which was still blindfolded with her questions flashing at me

Me: bas khalaaaas ma tan6reeen entayy!

As we walked to the car a figure slowly approached calling my name sharply.


I placed Daloya's palm on the door to help her grab it and turned to that noise

Me: Abdulrahmaaan

Abdulrahman: t3alaay

He held my arm and pulled me to his car behind him

I slowly walked behind him he let me in his car in the passengers seat and went to his own breathing heavily

Abdulrahman: wain kntayy!

Me: foug

Abdulrahman: fouug waaaain!

Me: hatha *pointing at the cafe scarred as hell*

Abdulrahman: Shssmaaa hatha elmokaan!

Me: The Roof!

Abdulrahman: khouuuush yallah nzlay shoufay rab3ch elkhama walageech blbayt ana!

Me: rab3yy muu khaamaa

He hardly heard that because he got out before I actually completed my reply and suddenly I felt the car tumble as he shut the doors of his car.

This is something we definitely have to talk about what the heck! He can't just accuse me and not hear me out I actually didn't do a thing I AM COMPLETELY INNOCENT OKAY?

I decided I wasn't telling anyone about what just happened and that I was gonna cover for him and just act normal, after all it is my Daloya's Birthday and I'm not going to ruin her day!

ThankGod we switched to PF Changs! Since it was one of her favourites we enjoyed our time and laughed like there was no yesterday! The ride home was filled joy and happiness with music filling our ears and just as she pulled onto the driveway of my home I huffed under my breath and hoped things would be the same.

Daloya: byee Danii loveee youu

I waved back as I pushed my headband back and wore my confused smile.

I took the elevator up and walked to unlock the door of the apartment, it was unlocked and I pushed it to see 7amany in his Dishdasha unbuttoned, feet on the tea table , kicked back and relaxed watching the news.

My eye caught my master bedroom door which was unlocked with my key dangling on the keyhole!

Me: elsalam

Abdulrahman: .....

Yeah there was no reply. He didn't even look my way... when I come in I usually give him a peck on the cheek just to be an all cute wifey and all.

Abdulrahman pushed my cheek away slowly

Abdulrahman: Wakhray

I slowly went to change freaked out not knowing what would happen next, I used to be the shy one walking and moving away and he was the one trying to be all over me and now what! Over NOTHING



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